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on my vote

I generally resist labeling my own ideological commitments. (Why that is so is a subject for an entirely different post.) But when writing on the subject of Hillary Clinton and the current presidential election, I reluctantly find it necessary to do so. The reason for this is that people like and dislike Secretary Clinton for so many different reasons. Some think that she is not devoted enough to national security, others that she is too hawkish. Some think that her cavalier handling of classified information should put her in jail instead of the White House, while others find her too secretive. People object to her from both sides on a surprisingly large number of issues. Thus a mere declaration of support for, or opposition to, her candidacy is simply not very informative.

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Trump's cancelled rally: good for the left?

Yesterday, as I sure you have heard by now, Donald Trump cancelled his rally in Chicago. Thousands of people showed up to protest the rally, held on the campus of the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC). Many of them were UIC students and a large number were united by their support for Bernie Sanders. Sanders has denied any role in planning the demonstration, though the liberal activist group has admitted to providing minimal support to what they say was most fundamentally a "student-led protest."

The New York Times reported that a Facebook page organizing the protest had 10,000 subscribers and that the arena in which the rally was to take place holds 9,500 people. Many of the protesters waited in line to get tickets to the rally, while others marched and demonstrated outside. Members of the pro- and anti-Trump camps repeatedly clashed, until a voice announced on the loudspeaker that the rally had been cancelled. “I felt it was just safer," explained Trump later. "I don’t want to see anybody get hurt.” The protesters were jubilant, while Trump's fans were angry.

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