S-USIH roundtable on A Commercial Republic: final entry

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The last entry in the Society for U.S. Intellectual History's online roundtable about my book, A Commercial Republic: America's Enduring Debate over Democratic Capitalism, went up today. After Tuesday's entry from Tim Lacy, Lawrence Glickman's Wednesday post, and the beatdown I got yesterday from Stewart Winger, today's contribution is from me. I was glad to have the opportunity to address the insights of all of these historians.

My post is a bit long, but hopefully worth the time. It is fairly subjective, written in first person, and covers my own motivations in writing the book. In it I address Winger's substantive criticisms by primarily agreeing with him, but I also found his tone less than collegial. I tried to engage in the spirit of Glickman's review, in which he used the book as a point of departure for meditations on various subjects. I used his post in a similar fashion, to muse about two meanings of liberalism, the nature of evidence in intellectual history, and the definitions of democracy and capitalism. Read my post here.