"Star Trek Beyond"

 Source:  Den of Geek

Source: Den of Geek

The latest Star Trek movie, called Star Trek Beyond, premiered this weekend. The studio, Paramount Pictures, had been unhappy with the direction (and performance) of the last two films in the series, and hired director Justin Lin, of The Fast and the Furious fame, to direct the current installment. The resulting film is unsurprisingly loud and steeped in action.

David Edelstein, the film critic for NPR's Fresh Air, noted the different tone of the latest film in his review. He began his piece by noting that many who enjoyed the original television show on which the films were based, "might think, 'I like Star Trek because it wasn't fast and furious. It was philosophical.'" Edelstein's response was as concise as it was (in my view) damning. "Well, I've got news," he wrote. "That Star Trek is gone."

I saw the movie on Friday and Edelstein's quote about sums up my own reaction. R.I.P., Star Trek. You will be sorely missed.