what if Trump resigns?

Source:  twitter.com

Source: twitter.com

As I'm sure you know by now, yesterday the Washington Post released a newly unearthed videotape of Donald Trump talking with Access Hollywood host Billy Bush about a woman he "tried to fuck" and his strategy for sexual conquest. ("I grab them by the pussy.") Despite his history of inflammatory remarks, this little soliloquy appears to have gone too far with party leaders and, most likely, with voters. So there has been, quite reasonably, a lot of talk about the need for Trump to resign from the Republican ticket. (And Bush, who has also made waves in his latest job at the Today show, is probably not answering his phone.) I don't think the Donald has many supporters left: the only thing keeping him in the race appears to be his own ego, which will not allow him to quit. He probably suspects, rightly, that if he did resign, history would remember him right alongside Richard Nixon.

There are no avenues under party rules, however, to replace Trump as the nominee. He would have to fall on his sword. Were this to happen, I don't think that anyone in the entire United States of America would be less excited about the development than Hillary Rodham Clinton. The Republicans would get a shiny new candidate and Clinton would have to come up with a new message to replace "I'm not Donald Trump." This hypothetical candidate would have a lot against him/her in terms of campaign organization and name recognition, but that might be overcome by enthusiasm among the GOP faithful and the fact that said person would be neither Trump nor Clinton. I'm sure that many who support Clinton are torn between Trump getting his just desserts and the uncertainty that would come with a new Republican nominee.

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