gender discrimination bake sale

A group of high school students in a Salt Lake City suburb have generated some controversy by  putting on a "Gender Equality Bake Sale." To protest disparity in wages between men and women, boys have to pay a dollar for baked goods, while girls only have to pay 77 cents. Kati Schott, the president of the Young Democrats at Jordan High School in Sandy, UT, said that the group has received some blowback on their social media sites. She claims that students called her sexist for staging the event and that "a lot of people...would try to get into fights with me."

I believe this approach was started several years ago by conservative groups on college campuses who were protesting affirmative action. (They charged minorities more for baked goods. Or maybe they were charged less. I don't remember, but the point is clear!) At the time many liberals found this abhorrent. Conservatives were more likely to praise the students' cleverness and say that those who complained were suppressing free speech in the name of political correctness. It's interesting how people's reactions tend to change when the same tactics are applied in support of different causes.