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American Political Thought is a newish academic journal from the Notre Dame Project in Constitutional Studies, the Jack Miller Center and the University of Chicago Press. Since its subject constitutes my natural intellectual home, it was a venue in which I particularly looked forward to being reviewed. So I was excited to see that the current issue featured by book in its back pages.

In the three-page review (.pdf available here), Carson Holloway, a political scientist at the University of Nebraska Omaha, expresses a great deal of enthusiasm about the book. He calls A Commercial Republic "both welcome and well executed," and writes that the its "every chapter, and almost every page, is keenly interesting to the student of American politics." The book demonstrates that "both proponents and opponents of [government economic] intervention have a venerable American tradition to which they can appeal." Thus, he concludes, the "the debate over government’s role in the economy will continue, and students of that debate would do well to read O’Connor’s A Commercial Republic."

Needless to say, I agree! My thanks go out to the journal and Professor Holloway for their efforts.

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