run, bernie, run!

Those of you who are seeking a quixotic presidential campaign to throw your support behind, and who don't find Elizabeth Warren to be lefty enough for your taste, can consider self-avowed socialist Bernie Sanders. An independent senator from Vermont who caucuses with the Democrats, Sanders has always positioned himself at the leftist end of the politically acceptable spectrum. He is now in Iowa meeting voters, and says that he will decide in the next few months whether he will actually run. He has been to California, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Mississippi, and Iowa four times. His current Iowa trip was covered in a New York Times article today. Sheryl Gay Stolberg reports that Sanders:

railed against big banks (“Break ’em up!"), fretted over climate change and income inequality, and deplored the high cost of a college education (“Totally moronic.”). He embraced a single-payer health system (“Guess what everybody! Health care is a right!”), proposed strengthening labor unions and lamented a lack of voter participation (“All over this country people are throwing up their hands in despair.”).

Good luck, Senator Sanders!

did the terrorists win?

did the terrorists win?

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