I'm doing it...


I have never liked Twitter. It has always struck me as unlikely that communicating with someone in 140-character installments would improve our communication. When much of our cultural conversation moved to that platform, it only seemed to confirm my worst fears about technology dragging our cultural conversation down to the least common denominator.

twitter handle.jpeg

But I have noticed that about three quarters of the people who read anything on eight hundred words come to the site from Twitter. And I admit that I like it when people read the things that I write. So what can you do? I've set up an account and will be figuring out how to use it in the next few weeks.

So...follow me on Twitter! I'm @mike_in_atx. As of right now, I mainly want to publicize things that I write here, and share the occasional article about which I have no intention of commenting myself. Hopefully I will resist the urge to share any bite-sized snarky hot takes on the news of the day. But I can't make any promises. Who knows where this journey will take me!